History of Stringmasters

StringMasters was first held at McMaster University in 2007 and attracted nearly 20 researchers from eight institutions in half a dozen different countries. It was held there again in 2008 with a similar range of participation. So successful were these two meetings that it was possible to publish, in a special issue of a prestigious international journal (Fundamenta Informaticae), the research papers resulting from the spontaneous interactions among the participants.

Stringmasters was then held at two southern hemisphere locations in two consecutive weeks on opposite shores of the Indian Ocean: at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa and at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia.

Stringmasters was then back to the northern hemisphere. It has since been held several times in London, UK, at King's College London, and at Université de Rouen, France, as well as once, in connection with CPM 2011, at the University of Palermo in Italy.

This year's StringMasters was held in February in the University of Warsaw, Poland, McMaster University, Canada, and it will also be held in August in the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic.