The Prague Stringology Club Workshop '97

The Prague Stringology Club Workshop '97 was held at Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague on Monday, July 7, 1997. Topics of the workshop were string algorithms and pattern matching by finite automata, retrieval application and related topics. All papers presented were submitted as a response to a call for papers. All these papers have been published in proceedings.

The following papers were accepted to the PSCW '97:

Published Regular Contributions
Masami Shishibori, Makoto Okada, Toru Sumitomo and Jun-ichi Aoe An Efficient Trie Hashing Method Using a Compact Binary Trie
Bruce W. Watson and Richard E. Watson A New Family of String Pattern Matching Algorithms
Bořivoj Melichar and Jan Holub 6D Classification of Pattern Matching Problems
Bruce W. Watson A Boyer-Moore (or Watson-Watson) Type Algorithm for Regular Tree Pattern Matching
Jan Holub Simulation of NFA in Approximate String and Sequence Matching
Bruce W. Watson SPARE Parts: A C++ Toolkit for String PAttern REcognition
Václav Snášel and Tomáš Koutný Algebra of Pattern Matching Problems

Download proceedings: PSC1997.pdf
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Organization of the PSCW '97

Chair: Bořivoj Melichar
Program Committee: Jun-ichi Aoe, Jan Holub, Bořivoj Melichar and Bruce W. Watson
Organizing Committee: Martin Bloch and Jan Holub