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Accepted Papers List

BibTeX list of the Pre-proceedings papers: BibTeX source

Regular papers:

  • Mikhail Volkov.
    Synchronizing automata preserving a chain of partial orders

  • Margareta Ackerman and Jeffrey Shallit.
    Efficient Enumeration of Regular Languages

  • Massimiliano Goldwurm and Roberto Radicioni.
    Average value and variance of pattern statistics in rational models

  • Joni Pirnot and Natasha Jonoska.
    Finite State Automata Representing Two-Dimensional Dubshifts

  • Shmuel Tomi Klein and Miri Kopel Ben-Nissan.
    Accelerating Boyer Moore Searches on Binary Texts

  • Maxime Crochemore, Chiara Epifanio, Alessandra Gabriele and Filippo Mignosi.
    On the Suffix Automaton with mismatches

  • Michael Holtmann and Christof Löding.
    Memory Reduction for Strategies in Infinite Games

  • George Rahonis and Manfred Droste.
    Weighted automata and weighted logics with discounting

  • Frantisek Mraz, Martin Platek and Friedrich Otto.
    A Natural Measure for The Degree of Nondeterminism of Context-free Languages

  • Kai Salomaa, Sheng Yu and Jinfeng Zan.
    Deterministic Caterpillar Expressions

  • Martin Kutrib and Andreas Malcher.
    Regulated Nondeterminism in Pushdown Automata

  • Didier Caucal, Jurek Czyzowicz, Wojciech Fraczak and Wojciech Rytter.
    Efficient Computation of Throughput Values of Context-Free Languages

  • Claus Brabrand, Robert Giegerich and Anders Møller.
    Analyzing Ambiguity of Context-Free Grammars

  • Magnus Steinby and Cătălin Ionuț Tîrnăucă.
    Syntax-Directed Translations and Quasi-Alphabetic Tree Bimorphisms

  • Marcella Anselmo, dora giammarresi and maria Madonia.
    Tiling Automaton: a Computational Model for Recognizable Two-dimensional Languages

  • Johanna Högberg, Andreas Maletti and Jonathan May.
    Backward and Forward Bisimulation Minimisation of Tree Automata

  • Jean-Marc Champarnaud, Franck Guingne and Jacques Farré.
    Reducing acyclic cover transducers

  • Joachim Klein and Christel Baier.
    On-the-fly Stuttering in the Construction of Deterministic omega-Automata

  • Mehryar Mohri, Pedro Moreno and Eugene Weinstein.
    Factor Automata of Automata and Applications

  • Gregory Kucherov, Laurent Noé and Mikhail Roytberg.
    Subset seed automaton

  • Hannu Peltola and Jorma Tarhio.
    On String Matching in Chunked Texts

  • Francois Barthelemy.
    Multi-Grain Relations

  • Rafael Carrasco, Jan Daciuk and Mikel Forcada.
    An implementation of deterministic tree automata minimization


  • Janusz Brzozowski and Nicolae Santean.
    How to Avoid Nondeterminism with a Little Foresight

  • Michal Voráèek, Ladislav Vagner, Costas Iliopoulos and M. Sohel Rahman.
    The Constrained Longest Common Subsequence Problem for Degenerate Strings

  • Olivier Blanc, Matthieu Constant and Patrick Watrin.
    A Finite-State Super-Chunker

  • Anssi Yli-Jyrä and Kimmo Koskenniemi.
    A New Method for Compiling Parallel Replacement Rules

  • Frédérique Bassino, Julien David and Cyril Nicaud.
    REGAL: a library to randomly and exhausively generate automata

  • Jan Šupol.
    Significant Subpatterns Matching

  • B Klunder.
    Finite automata accepting star-connected languages

  • Clemens Marschner.
    Efficiently Matching With Local Grammars Using Prefix Overlay Transducers