Prague Stringology Conference 2016

Simone Faro, Thierry Lecroq, Stefano Borzi, Simone Di Mauro and Alessandro Maggio

The String Matching Algorithms Research Tool

String matching is the problem of finding all occurrences of a given pattern in a given text. It is an extensively studied problem in computer science because of its direct application to several areas such as text, image and signal processing, speech analysis and recognition, data compression, information retrieval, computational biology and chemistry. Since 1970 more than 85 string matching algorithms have been proposed, and more than 50% of them in the last ten years. In this paper we present SMART, an efficient and flexible tool designed for developing, testing, comparing and evaluating string matching algorithms. It also provides the most comprehensive survey of online exact single string matching algorithms together with a set of corpora available for testing purposes.

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