Prague Stringology Conference 2015

Juan Mendivelso and Yoan Pinzón

Parameterized Matching: Solutions and Extensions

Parameterized matching is a string searching variant in which two equal-length strings parameterized-match if there exists a bijective function g for which every text symbol in one string is equal to the image under g of the corresponding symbol in the other string. Baker was the first researcher to have addressed this problem (Baker 1993), and many others since have followed Baker's work. She did, indeed, open up a wide field of extensive research. Over the years, other lines of research that have been pursued are: parameterized matching under edit and Hamming distance, multiple parameterized matching, 2-dimensional parameterized matching, structural matching and function matching. This accelerated research could only be justified by the usefulness of its practical applications such as in software maintenance, image processing and bioinformatics. In this paper, we present an overview of the most notable contributions in this area.

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