Prague Stringology Conference 2014

Branislav Ďurian, Tamanna Chhabra, Sukhpal Singh Ghuman, Tommi Hirvola, Hannu Peltola and Jorma Tarhio

Improved Two-Way Bit-parallel Search

New bit-parallel algorithms for exact and approximate string matching are introduced. TSO is a two-way Shift-Or algorithm, TSA is a two-way Shift-And algorithm, and TSAdd is a two-way Shift-Add algorithm. Tuned Shift-Add is a minimalist improvement to the original Shift-Add algorithm. TSO and TSA are for exact string matching, while TSAdd and tuned Shift-Add are for approximate string matching with k mismatches. TSO and TSA are shown to be linear in the worst case and sublinear in the average case. Practical experiments show that the new algorithms are competitive with earlier algorithms.

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