The Prague Stringology Conference 2002

Costas S. Iliopoulos and Masahiro Kurokawa

String Matching with Gaps for Musical Melodic Recognition

Here, we have designed and implemented algorithms for string matching with gaps for musical melodic recognition on polyphonic music using bit-wise operations. Music analysts are often concerned with finding occurrences of patterns (motifs), or repetitions of the same pattern, possibly with variations, in a score. An important example of flexibility required in score searching arises from the nature of polyphonic music. Within a certain time span each of the simultaneously-performed voices in a musical composition does not, typically, contain the same number of notes. So `melodic events' occurring in one voice may be separated from their neighbours in a score by intervening events in other voices. Since we cannot generally rely on voice information being present in the score we need to allow for temporal `gaps' between events in the matched pattern.

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